Ep 31 - Spooky Season Spectacular Special, Part Boo (2)

October 29th, 2021

(Part 2) This spooky season special features special interviews with spectacular guests talking about spooky movies that had a significant impact on them! In part 2, we've got comedian Melony Ford, filmmaker Dustin Harmon, and father Justin Shobe. Find Melony on social media @mol0gna, Dustin on YouTube as The Valiant Viking and on TikTok as @the.valiant.viking, and if you're ever in a video store in NorCal you just might run into Justin.



Melony Ford - 1:05
Dustin Harmon - 16:25
Justin Shobe - 30:30



This special was a lot of fun to record! Everyone had great stories and experiences to share. Enjoy, and remember: Bring your own popcorn, because Laurie's aunt's cousin's best friend said they found a severed finger in their popcorn bag. But hey... Tis the season.


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