Through the Whatever - Is this heavy metal toxic?

October 13th, 2013

This episode features an in-depth interview with metallurgist CORDOVATRON as we discuss Metallica Through the Never 3D [sic]. 

For CORDOVATRON interviews, we have to translate his "beeps" and even his "boops" into Japanese, and then to English. But the pay-off is worth it, as his expertise and wit make for a great interview. Also, he spits out coins every 3 minutes and 14 seconds.
Not to boop my own beep or anything, but this episode is great.

HIGHLIGHTS REEL: This is about horses, overuse of the words head & skin, Busty Justice, self-immolation is not an effective form of intimidation, Gaiman's Sandman came first, "Mr. Sandman" is in Nightmare on Elm Street (not Halloween), IMAX is a pretty affordable live show, the bag is full of puppets, and 6.666666 is why we're in podcasting and not in metallurgy.

Crunching Numbers by the Polish Ambassador Copyright Polish Ambassador Records 2006 - Popcorn Frog by MC Chris Copyright mc chris llc 2011 - Mr Sandman by The Chordettes Copyright Cadence Records 1954
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